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Myst III

Jet and I have slowly worked through Myst III: Exile.

There's one scary guy in it who Jet didn't like, but he also figured out that the guy had a lot of anguish due to the two brother that, in Jet phrase, "Wrecked everything."

Jet didn't really like the music, too gloomy and "too scary" for him. But he eventually figured out that, "We just fix things. Nothing bad happens to us, we just fix all the things the brothers broke."

Which made it all the more heart-stopping and upsetting when, in the very final puzzle, the guy KILLED US in a pretty darned graphic and violent matter. Jet was crying, I was very shaken, and I was pretty upset as we had agreed to help the guy out and the guy ends thing violently! Dang it! So we then left the guy to sit forever between two ice barriers, which was just as upsetting, as it didn't seem fair either. As the guy left out on the bridge actually hadn't hurt us, even though in our memory he had... mmm... time travel run rampant in roleplaying.

Finally, a few hours later, after John came home, I finally figured out the one switch we forgot to throw. So after asking Jet if it was okay to try again, we did, and we managed to help the guy out as well as get what we had to get. And Jet declared, "That wasn't scary at all."

And it was good to finally get the satisfying ending where we didn't screw the other guy and we didn't get killed, and we got what we had to get and he got home and some closure to two decades of hell he'd had to live through. Poor guy.

So we did end up with the satisfactory ending, but it sure took a bit of anguish to get there. The thing is that up to that point the whole game was puzzle solving and messing with physics and the beautiful graphics. That violence could end it was so far beyond me that when it happened it was really, really disappointing. Sniffle.

But Jet was happy with the very last ending that we got, and he seems quite happy with it. So that's to the good.
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