Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Busy Day

Jet slept, last night, from about 9 to about 8 this morning. He was pretty tuckered out.

Jet had a pretty horrible cough in the morning, so I tucked him into a blanket on the couch. He and I watched cartoons for most of the morning, Nick Jr. on the most part. He also found a Freddi Fish game that John had bought him recently, and went through it faster than I thought possible.

By the time noon rolled around, Jet was actually feeling pretty good, so we went to the Twin Peaks Mall and beat the opening of the movie theater. We got tickets for "Chicken Little" and went on in with about a dozen other Moms and one other Dad and dozens of kids. It was pretty amazing. I didn't have to worry about Jet At All. It was cool.

We had a great time, and cheered and talked and watched and it was fun.

Not a great movie, but an enjoyable one. I like Pixar movies a LOT more, but this was okay. Jet loved it, but I think it might have been as much because of the Disney marketing machine as anything.

Afterward, we had lunch at the food court, and at 2:30 Joan showed up with Haley. We haven't seen them all summer, and it was great to see them. I was able to show Joan my in-progress scrapbook, and it was fun to go over what happened during our summers. Jet and Haley had a blast, and we had to call it, eventually, as they had to meet Alex at the bus stop. So the kids had a quick snack, Joan dropped off John's pressure washer, and we headed home.

I thought about doing groceries, but Jet looked really tired. So we went home, drank milk, and cuddled. We both needed the cuddling. John came home, did exercise bike, and then gently heated some pizza for Jet. Jet ate both slices, and we all then went to Sakura and had dinner. Mmm... fish.

We did hit the grocery store after that, and Jet was patient enough that it worked out well and we got what we needed for the next couple of days. He was pretty tired when we got home, and he wanted to just sit in my lap and watch the iTunes visualizer. I find that pretty entertaining myself. The version is pretty amazing. I'm having fun grabbing random "art" again, with Jet's help.

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