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Picking up work after three days of taking care of Jet, alone, has been very interesting...

Sunday was a bit of a struggle as when we arrived at Sunday school no one was there, so Jet got his sweeper from the car and not only wanted to play with it before class, but ended up wanting to play with it instead of class. We ended up, after fifteen minutes of fierce negotiation, with Jet in my lap and watching class from there.

Church, itself, was pretty much a lost cause as I had no desire to be there, either and couldn't fight the good fight without feeling a complete hypocrite as I had no more desire than Jet to be there.

We ended up at the Brewing Company drinking mocha and hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream. From there we headed home, did a few things, got used games, and went to the Mall. We traded in the games we weren't going to play anymore, and then went to see "Chicken Little" again.

From that we hit "the Big McDonald's" and Jet got to run and run and run after eating. I went to Target and returned some batteries we hadn't needed and picked up my last batch of pictures from the road trip so that I could finish the scrapbook. Then we went home and played the Incredibles PS2 game. Which was frustrating for bits of it. We ordered pizza and ate and then John came home.

Jet slept through the night again, in a giant pair of footie pajamas that he picked when we were at Target. Which was very restful for John and I. John is recovering from his trip and he and Jet are enjoying some time at home.

It's been a bit like picking up a load of concrete after letting it rest for a while... stiff and unyielding and cold. But it helped that I did a group interview that actually nailed home one of my bits of discomfort with a corner of what's happening. It's HARD to pick this kind of thing up after letting it rest for days. Like wrapping my head around a system, it fades in my head, and getting motivated all over again to drop it again after a couple days up is a hard way to work.

Maybe with practice it'll be easier. I now see why, when I was younger, it was just easier to just not stop.

I cleared my day, tomorrow, to just hit it and be done with what has to be presented. It's good to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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