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In an offsite all week WITH John, so we're doing Jet-shuttling on a turn-by-turn basis, and one or the other of us walks home when we're done with the session. It's been something of a stretch, but a good one, away from the daily routine, other than having to DO the routine stuff afterwards, and some not so routine stuff.

My favorite quotes from Jet this last week include:

"Mom, why don't you have a pee pee?"

Which baffles the heck out of me, as we've made a point of calling his penis a penis every time. So he must have gotten that name somewhere else. I also loved Jet's homecare daycare lady's answer, "I played with mine too much and it fell off." Which sends the wrong message entirely, but dang it's tempting to SAY.

"Mom, why do we have to eat food every day?"

Which led to a long discussion about nutrients and bodily function needs for energy and growth, and he seemed to listen quite well.

and "Mom, may I have another orange?"

He's eaten four Satsumas just this evening, not counting the two at breakfast and the one he had in his lunch. It was pretty impressive, all in all, as we bought the box Wednesday night, after Jet's first long day at pre-school, and he has been eating them on a regular basis since. He's peeling them himself and everything, which is very good indeed.

I've managed a last few whacks at the dragon. Done a few pages of scrapbooking. Neglected my journal terribly. Enjoyed conversations about Peru, Iron man competitions, and personal takes on how to gather information and create order out of a chaotic sea of data. It's been fun. I'm unwinding. I reknit one of Jet's broken socks, but I can see the others that I made at about the same time starting to go. I have a new pair of socks, myself, from a very solid wool yarn I'd bought when I was on my business trip in San Jose. I have started a fuzzy scarf for Jet's old pre-school teacher. I have had a stuffed sinus and nose every night, taken an Airborne every night, and woken up clear headed and not sick enough to call it sick, yet. But I've also managed about 8 hours of sleep a night with one or two interruptions by Jet. That's been very good indeed.

The longer school days have made the mornings pretty difficult, all in all, as Jet has no desire to go to school. But we're getting him there. This morning it was with two solid time outs, but that was useful as after that he's behaved very, very nicely since.

Yeah, piecemeal. Life's been that way. I am, however, going to take the whole WEEK of Thanksgiving off as I've been doing way too much overtime and this offsite is making me work tomorrow, which is my usual day off. Jet's just going to school tomorrow, which is a nice, flexible means of taking care of when we both have to work; but I really want my time back afterward. Boss is fine with it. I just get to see how I am with it all. Jet's school days are paid for that week, too, so I may enjoy a bit of time on my very own as well, and I'm looking foward to that. I'm also in training next week, which means longer hours on my part. I'll see how well I do with all of that.
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