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Pajama Day

We spent most of today just staying at home. Jet and I, at least. John went out to Home Depot and bought a new kitchen sink. Hee. I admire him.

Last night John and I had an evening out without Jet. Jet and I had done a few errands during the day and he was pretty tired, but he went to Mikayla's for the evening, as we'd had Mikayla on Wednesday and Dean was great about payback. So Jet went over there to play with the kids while John and I went to Hanna Sushi, the new Japanese restaurant in town up on Main street. It was quite good. I think it's an expansion branch of the same place in Boulder. High prices for Japanese food seems the norm around here. Teriyaki for $12 a plate. Yeesh. But the tonkatsu was delicately crisp and still had tender meat. The soft-shell crab appetizer had two crabs on the plate and they were delicately seasoned and lovely and crisp. The sushi was good and fresh and the salads were small. The miso soup was good and hot. The vegetables, even at the beginning of winter, was lovely and ripe. So it was a good experience. We'll likely go back there again and drag the lunch-bunch with us.

After dinner, we hit the Snowy Mountain Creamery for ice cream and then went to Luna's for drinks. The lady there told us that they'd stopped doing the frequent buyer cards, which is sad.

Today Jet and I did a lot of negotiation about eating, and he refused to eat just about anything. He was also a little sad, last night, about us not being there, and Dean said that some of it was because Jet was so tired. I could believe that. Still... I am getting a stronger connection for the theory and Jet's eating habits might go spare whenever he's uncertain about things.

He spent most of today in the basement, playing with toys, watching video games while John and I played, and doing some cartoons in the afternoon. John and I got a few things done around the house, and I read Going Postal by Pratchett. It is good. Pratchett just seems to be getting better and better all the time. I loved the protagonist's "people skills" as they're surprisingly like what I now do. Management through knowing too much about human nature. But the plot is sweet, the solution non-obvious, and the characters are, as usual, amazingly fun. Good stuff to think about and chase the other things out of my brain.

I am... depressed, mildly. PMS plus the crash after a big class and learning a lot and panicking about applying it. So it is. I'll get over it.

Jet needed someone with him for most of the day, then around 3:30 he climbed into the rocking chair and fell fast asleep. He really seemed to need it. He woke up enough when I came over to demand that I pick him UP, and so I did and rocked him back to sleep and tried to lay him down three times before I was finally successful.

Dinner was teriyaki short ribs plus the haigamai I'd bought when in San Jose. It's just short grained rice with the germ still attached, no bran. A little more nutritious then just white rice, but not by too much more. It was enough to bring Jet out of his nap, and he ate half a bowl of rice. Not nearly as much as he usually does, but it was something. He'd also had a really loose stool today, so I suspect he has a gut bug and he doesn't want to eat much for a reason beyond my mental models.

I got to sleep in until 8:30, which was very nice, but I'd been up with work scenarios buzzing through my head, which isn't good. So I'm still at a standstill so far as sleep. I should get more... I'll have the week, that will be nice.

John did make Scottish oat cakes tonight, and they're delicious. Crisp and buttery with just a bit of oat chew to them from the Scottish cut oats. Pretty delicious way to get your whole grain, I guess. Yum. I need to concentrate on things like that.
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