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Today with Jet

I had a great day with Jet. It was fun, we got a few things done, and I got to STOP WORKING.


It's hard, though, in some ways, as it is something of a let-down after the intensity of the last month. I don't like going at that speed all the time, no sir. But when I come down from that kind of stuff it's quite the crash.

So while Jet and I did got to Hobby Lobby and Target, we missed out on the library and the super market. It was funny, as Jet asked go to spend his ten stamps on Legos, first. I answered, well, then when we go to the yarn store, you can't ask for anything. Jet thought a bit, "Okay, let's go to the yarn store first. And I can ask for something then?" "Yes, you can ask, but it'll depend on what it is whether or not we can get it..."

Jet ended up buying a small ball of Christmas knitting cotton. Good for washclothes and napkins and stuff like that, but he wanted to just string it around the house for Christmas. I'll assume he forgets about it and probably make stocking-stuffers for folks. Hee. He also picked out yarn for another two teacher scarves, as he wants to give scarves to all four of his teachers. One of the yarns he picked is taking forever for me to knit, but the other two he picked today are pretty good. Size 10's at least. Whew.

At Target he was very patient while I got Other Things, including another of the ridiculously large pajamas, but with dinosaurs. The space one had sold out in his size. He liked it enough to want it. I had to pick up more medication for him and some contact lens fluid for me. He was great and waited for me and was patient with all that and was happy to get down onto the floor (from my shoulders) when we got to the Lego aisle. He then picked two tiny cars, which was perfect. He keeps asking me to build cars from his boxes of Lego, and there's never enough wheels or tires, so he got one car with six wheels and another with the usual four, so we should have a few more than before. Whew.

We then went home and put together his cars. He was frighteningly fast a figuring out the visual instructions, and was soon putting them together without me saying a thing. That was great occupation until about 4, when he got really tired, so he sat in my lap while we covered ourselves with a blanket, and he got to watch a little TV until John came home from work.

John took Jet over to Mikayla's then, as Dean was paying us back for the time we took Mikayla on Wednesday. So John and I got an evening where we could actually talk with each other without interruption. It was very, very nice. Dinner at Hanna Sushi, ice cream at the creamery, hot drinks at Luna's, a quick stop at Target to return one thing, and then a leisurely stroll through King Soopes, just grocery shopping without having to stop every aisle and go, "No. We're not buying that, Jet."

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