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Jet had pre-school today, so we went out and watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". The movie is MUCH tighter than the book, but it's choppy as it still didn't prioritize very well and followed a few too many things at once. I liked it, nonetheless.

We had lunch at Tuk Tuk Thai and it was good pineapple fried rice.

We hit Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins on the way home and I picked up pot holder loops, miscellaneous seconds yarns, and a set of bamboo knitting needles (circular US 5) that were just too gorgeous to miss on. I used my gift certificate there, and it was glorious.

Once home, John biked while I went and got Jet and realized that one of Jet's teachers is a man. So I realized that one of the four had to be Manly. :-) So I made it out of one of the seconds yarns I had, which was a nice, stolid brown instead of the fairy ribbon for one, the cotton candy ribbon for the other, and the third that looks like a boa that had caught on fire. :-)

Jet and I made a potholder before the night was out and I used the pot holder to cook dinner. He loved that. Yay for pasta! I am realizing that part of my inability and disinterest in cooking much lately does stem from my work burnout, I think. I have too many variables tracking in my head, already, and I automatically balk at piling a few more onto my poor head, so I don't even contemplate doing the elaborate dishes I used to do. It's interesting to see my brain in action...

I did, however, spend the evening frantically knitting away, as I had two scarves to finish before tomorrow. Luckily, the boys were completely absorbed by John's birthday present, a big Lego freight train. Woo woooooo!!
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