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Yesterday, at Macy's birthday party, all the kids got temporary tattoos in their bag. Jet got a blue butterfly, and he decided to put it on his forehead. Just below his bangs, so that it was a little bit hidden unless he wanted to show it to someone, then he'd pull his bangs aside and show them. Lots of people liked it a lot, but he won't let me take a picture of it, now that I actually FOUND my camera (somehow I'd stuck it inside my purse and lost it since Thanksgiving, I think... though I might have thought about taking pictures at lunch on Friday, I'm not sure). Anyway...

I'm now playing with all my new Kodak paper and finding it harder than I thought to get prints of what I want prints of and it makes my heart hurt every time I have to throw stuff out because I either didn't clean the nozzles enough or the paper is incompatiable with what the printer really wants to do. Yeesh. Turns out that soft gloss Kodak paper has to not only be treated a heavyweight matte paper but it has to be printed on slllloooooowly by the Epson printer. I'm writing this down so that I remember. Anyway... it's turning out okay, finally. I just have to be glad of that, I guess.
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