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I'm hurting.

My left big toe got smashed when I tried playing indoor soccer in my walking sneaker and I didn't tighten the laces before going out on the field. My first plant and turn and kapow, my left big toe had a smashed and bent nail. This is the same toe that got smashed over and over again up on Bromley in Vermont, and it was just starting to grow out. It swelled up that night so that all the layers of it were way too obvious, and the toe has remained swollen for a few days. This morning was the first morning I could put a sock on, and given that it was 12° F (-9° C) out this morning, it was a good thing, too.

We went to the Rec. Center last night, too, and the water was okay on my toe; but in the midst of riding the current of the Lazy River and doing the big tube slide (I had fun singing a *loud* note of "COoooooooooold!" in the part of the tube that went outside the building) I pulled something in my right shoulder, and it is now killing me.

Luckily I have a massage tonight.

Jet was the one that asked to go to the Rec. Center. We haven't been for a few months between a lot of different reasons, but John's been riding the bike every night and he's lost a good deal of weight. All to the good.
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