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Yes. Massage was good.

Also John's birthday was simple but good, too. My brain was filled with other things, but Jet and I sang the Happy Birthday song and we went out to dinner after dropping the Eurovan off for work to be done on it. We enjoyed the evening.

Jet is so tall, now, and slender and full of stories and how things are supposed to work. He loves reading The New Way Things Work, and he pores over the page that explains refrigeration, to the point where when he got a pen and paper, he actually drew his rendition of how refrigeration work, condenser and all.

He's also really into writing. He wrote my name on the envelope of an invitation to a birthday party and then drew a picture of me (with six-foot long hair if it were proportional) next to it. I was amazed as all the letters were legible and neatly done. His teachers have been saying he has beautiful handwriting for his age, and now I believe it, in spades.

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