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Not sure if I'm coming down with something or not, and I keep taking Airborne so it keeps fading away, until I have the after-lunch shakes and wonder what the heck it is that I have, again.

Jet was grumpy Friday and Saturday, and at the time I thought it was from lack of naps; but he was 'cold' and clingy and really just wanted a lap and lots of cuddles for two whole days. Then, yesterday, he was his sweet, happy self again. He ate a huge plate of what he calls salad at the Souper Salad (consisting mostly of pepperoni, boiled egg crumbles, croutons, Goldfish, corkscrew pasta, one 'tree' of broccoli, and honey mustard dressing) and then downed about a dozen slices of canned peaches. He turned up his nose at a dish of what they call ice cream, and I can't blame him. Still, kid refusing ice milk with flavorings in favor of boiled egg crumbles rolled in pepperoni and peaches, I can't complain.

So I probably have whatever he has, and it's making me unhappy, too. But I'll admit that I told John that I was looking forward to only being sick for two days and then feeling happy as a lark rather than the usual seven or ten day cycle of things. Yeesh, the things one looks forward to when there are other things in comparison...
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