Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dagoba Organic Chocolate: Xocolatl

I haven't done any reviews of chocolate here, mostly because my chocolate phase was years ago. Bernard C. satisfied a lot of my needs, from chocolate shavings, baking chocolate, chocolate bits, and all their truffles and candies along with the never to be forgotten chocolate covered cherries with cherries that are aged for three months in brandy. I've dabbled in Valrhona, organic chocolates, designer patterned truffles and filled chocolates, British Cadbury, Guittard, Max Brenner art pieces, Cluizel collections by % and by country of origin, Cote d'Or, and sneaking a little Scharffenberger, Fran's, or Ritter marzipan bars when I really need it and can't find the "good stuff".

I also had a phase where I drank a lot of Mexican drinking chocolate, and really have to recommend fresh Majordomo semi-sweet with plenty of almonds and cinnamon.

But even that wasn't as addicting as this Xocolatl. Dagoba is based in Oregon, and they've come up with a drinking chocolate that is mixed with chilies and cinnamon. It's part cocoa and part chocolate pieces, which is perfect for mixing into hot milk. For some reason, I love pure cocoa in just water. I hate pure chocolate for hot chocolate, too slimy, usually, because of the much higher cocoa butter amounts in real chocolate than in cocoa. So all chocolate is hard to mix in. Most hot chocolate mixes are too sweet, this one isn't.

The Dagoba Xocolatl has enough chili to make me cough when I first sip it. It's really spicy. It has enough chocolate to give it great body and heft against milk. It has enough cocoa to make the chocolate taste deep and penetrating without turning acid. It has enough sugar to bring out the other flavors, but it's not cloyingly sweet. It's what I wish my homemade chili cocoa mix could be, and for a lot less work in measuring stuff out. The only thing I have against it is that the whole chocolate pieces are big enough that they really require a whisk or a whirled beater to break them down to drink them; but those same bits break up beautifully when I use the steamer of my espresso machine to heat the milk. Yes, it makes a great mocha, too, and John always coughs at his first sip. *grin* As an unexpected side benefit it's mostly organic as well.

I cannot recommend it enough for those adventurous enough to drink a chili cocoa.
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