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WHY do I just want to jump UP and DOWN repeatedly?

I have no idea. Likely stress buildup and no physical outlet with my stupid, ruined toe. I should probably just bike on a stationary bike or something to let the steam off.

Jet's getting more and more excited about Christmas. He and John bought the Polar Express DVD on Monday and Jet's been watching it, multiple times, in the morning and evening. He loves it. He knows who everyone is. He WANTS the Thomas-like wooden engine. He quotes movie bits, now.

He helped with setting up the tree last weekend, and had a good time and was very careful with all the fragile bits. He also demanded that we have a star that lights up at the top, so we went to Target and found a cheap one that glows quite nicely. Then he spent a few hours with my digital camera taking movies of everything including his last "stamps toy" that he saved up for and bought at the same time.

I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping at the expense of providing detailed Christmas lists to my family as to What Jet Wants for Christmas, as it's all about him anyway, isn't it?

Well, okay, so no, it isn't. And, likely, Jet would be the first one to tell me that, in all honesty. Sunday school has been drilling all the kids on what it's really about, and he had quite a rush with helping collect money for the Heifer Project donation his class is giving this year. Jet really likes the animals and has asked me what we're going to give this year, so we're poring over the catalog together. That's much more calming, I'll also admit, than all this shopping, too.
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