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Movies and Jet

It does blow my mind a little bit that Jet's happily making movies with my digital camera already. Maybe it's his generation that will take to making things like that like ducks to water, like he already does to the computers in his two and three and four-year-old computer labs. Computers just do things he wants to do, just part of the landscape.

He can now tell me that he just wants his movies strung together, repeated, or cutting out the mis-aimed bits or boring bits, and we do it together on the computer and he's like, "Oooo... yeah, get that bit."

Expression through technology. It's fun to see through a four-year-old that can't even quite write, yet, but still "writes" books for both John and I. Jet asked me to staple together some paper, and he wrote on every page and drew as well. Making letter-shaped roads to dress up some of it, the primary reason to do calligraphy, from what I can think of, is making letters from other things. He does it instinctively and it amazes me to see the results.

He calls the Polar Express, the Polar Espress. Makes me wonder if I say "espresso" a few times too often...
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