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Jet's now watching The Polar Express every single evening and every morning he asks to see it and he is now predicting what happens on a fairly frequent basis. He loves it, wants the book, wants the train, and just enjoys the experience of it, over and over.

The good part to all that is that I'm able to watch Read Or Die or R.O.D. TV every time he gets involved in his movie, despite the overwhelming sounds of the train nearly crashing every few intervals or so. I'm about halfway through the T.V. series and feel immensely like Maggie, too tall, extremely protective of the cuter members, and really, really quiet. I'm enjoying it immensely, thanks to Carl who lent it to me when I visited this last sumer. But it's definitely not kid level, and Jet has, occasionally climbed into my lap to ask me if he can watch the little movie, too, and I've said no often enough that he's finally okay with it, especially when I only do it when his favorite movie is on somewhere else.

Last night I got to ride the exercise bike and I am MUCH calmer. Thank goodness.

We also had the pizza John went out twice to get. It was good, but in this cold weather I really want to make baked macaroni and cheese. I have a recipe, but knowing that there are a few foodies reading this, what are your favorite recipes for baked macaroni and cheese? Add 'em to the comments, I'd appreciate that.

Luckily for us, it should be back up near 50° F (~ 5° C) by Sunday, so we won't be in the deep freeze for too long.
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