Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Heart Beat Faster

Sometimes I think kids are around just to give their parents a much, much harder cardio-vascular workout. Today Jet decided, while Joan was checking out an alarm in another part of the house for just a minute, to travel across their living room and study their wood stove. Up close. And personal. He reached up and touched the fire glass and all Joan heard was two coughs. Jet didn't scream, didn't cry and when she got there, she saw him leaning his weight on his right palm on the ash catcher in front of the stove.

So she ran his palm under cold water, thinking that that was what he'd burned, but fifteen minutes later, his other hand started showing red on the fingertips of that hand. So he just got first degree burns on the tips of his fingers. Joan felt so bad, but given that I've been burned by leaving Jet alone for just a 'few minutes' I couldn't blame her.

I watched Jet pretty carefully when I got him home and he was using his hand indiscriminantly, so it wasn't like he was hurting too badly. He was, however, yelping a bit when he grabbed things really hard. Still, that is relatively minor and he'll heal. He may even have figured out that 'hot' really is bad... still, a ten-month-old does have problems with memory, so Joan's going to put up a barrier to keep Jet from the heat. That should be good, too.

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