Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

4 1/2 hours of meetings today



Jet's asleep now, even, which is kind of nice. He's gotten pretty expert at falling asleep in my arms while I'm meeting, which I kind of wish I could do. I'm pretty impressed with that, especially with all the voices that go on about stuff in strident tones. John got to work for the whole meeting set, and I have Jet's play pen around my chair. I really should take a picture of the setup. It's pretty funny.

Jet had a bad night. I also had to pull enormous amounts of snot out of his poor, tiny nose. Poor kid. He's happier with it clear and I actually think it's why he's asleep now, it just got him comfortable enough to nap after a really busy day and a rather restless night.

Also kind of cool is the fact that the Toys for Tots party at work is tomorrow, so I'll be able to take the extra time I'm working today off tomorrow and actually go to the party with a totally clear conscience. Yay!

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