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Pre-School Holiday Program

Jet's teachers were waaaaay braver than I would ever be. The whole school rolled out a Christmas program this Friday, with all the kids at the center, and they invited all the parents as well. They had hundreds of parents packed into the Longmont High School auditorium, along with all the screaming, laughing, and crying siiblings. The kids were all over the place when we first arrived. Jet's class was up in a back area where they could sit, run around, and talk to each other. The preschoolers were all led down to the stage, where they could line them up for the bleachers.

The first act was the dance school and instructor. Then there was a bit by the school age kids that participate in the afterschool program. Then Jet's class. They did great! Shining crowns, four songs that got more and more disorganized as they went on, but all sung with enthusiasm and not too much staring outright fear at the audience. The kindergardeners were astonishingly coordinated in contrast. They actually sang all together and most of them were smiling!

It was fun. 2 hours all in all and it was worth it. Miss Tony loved the scarf that Jet gave her, the one I'd made from the leftovers of Macy's poncho. She loved the mauve color of it, even, so that was great. I was glad she enjoyed it so much.

Mikayla and Jet had fun playing with each other in the line to see Santa. And Jet marched right up, sat in Santa's lap and had a great time. He loved it and spoke very seriously with Santa about the letter he'd written him with the whole list of things he wanted. Yay!

It was a lot more fun than I'd bargained for, and I'm glad that Jet really loved going, as all day he'd been saying that he wasn't going to go! I'm glad that he decided to do it as soon as he saw all his classmates and teachers all together. They were familiar, so he could go up with them, all together. That was great.
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