Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Tale of Two Families

Tonya traded kids with us today, which was really good for all concerned. She gave us her kids for the morning, and we got out the beads and pipecleaners, the drawing materials, and ended up with them all helping me plant the paperwhite bulbs Mom and Dad had given me in the spring. So it was all crafts morning.

Then Jet helped send them home and came home with John all cranky and crabby because he was tired and hungry.

So we took a little trip to the Home Depot hot dog stand, as we didn't have corn dogs or hot dogs at home and he wanted a hot dog. While he and I walked through the parking lot, Jet was happily announcing to everyone that would hear, "THERE is the hot dog stand! Yay! Hot dog stand!!"

He had a hot dog with ketchup and mustard. I had a cheddar brat. John had a spicy Italian, and we ate in the van. When John was done, he went and did a little shopping, including a catch basin for the giant pot we'd put the bulbs in, and then we dropped Jet off at Tonya's. From there, John and I each took a car, and headed to the Big O Tire to get the van fixed. We dropped it off there, did our grocery shopping, and then the tire place called to say that the van was done. So I dropped John off there, and I went and got mango mochi balls for Jet. Then I also got a car wash, eventhough the automatic wash had a line five cars deep at both of the bays.

That was interesting, but the upcoming week is supposed to be 50's and 60's no real snow for at least a week. I'm very glad. But I got the car good and clean, and then headed home. When I was in the midst of unpacking the groceries, John got home, and went down to ride the bike while I finished. Then I went and got Jet from Tonya's. He was playing, very nicely, with both Tanner and Macy. Macy was driving a computer game while the two boys commented and suggested things to click on. I was very, very impressed.

Home again, home again, and then dinner and bed. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Jet's getting more and more excited all the time. John and he got "The Toy That Saved Christmas" one of the Veggie Tale shows, and he was watching it over and over and over again. It's going to be interesting.

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