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Sad Day After

Both Jet and I were pretty sick today but for different reasons. I'm in the throes of Jet's cold and he... well... it's the tale of the day. And if you can't deal with digestive issues, you might not want to read this.

Even though I was sick, I wanted to get out of the house, as we'd been pretty much in the house for the last two days, but for a church service and a party, which was in a house. So I wanted OUT.

After breakfast and a long leisurely bath for Jet (as he hadn't had a bath for a week and really needed it). We finally decided to go out and picnic at the Barn Park. John brought crackers and whipped cream and canned peaches for Jet. John had crackers and oranges and cheese for himself. We'd been eating crackers and cheese for most of the lunches of the last couple of days because we just didn't have the time for much more than that.

So I, on learning that we were going to go picnicking, made myself a toasted sesame bagel with chocolate peanut butter and blackberry seedless jam. It was good. Still warm from the toaster when we got out into the 65 degree, sunny, calm day and proceeded to peel off layers as we ate in the sunshine. Jet ate a lot of crackers, and then started on the peaches while we played Trouble! He went through a whole game with John and then we started another. About two thirds of the way through, Jet said that his stomach hurt from eating too much peaches and he didn't want to ride a bicycle but entertained the thought of ice cream for a moment before saying he was too full and he just wanted to go home. John needed to drop off some recycling, but Jet was okay with that before going home.

On the walk back to the van, Jet made coughing noises and then quietly threw up, first on the sidewalk, and then onto the bushes by the sidewalk. We cleaned him up as best we could, loaded us all into the van, and on Jet saying that he felt better for having thrown up, we went to the recycling center and dropped things off. Jet looked quite peaceful and tired and resting as we headed back towards home, and then suddenly, that little cough again, and blorp. Jet was very calm about it and tried to catch stuff so it wouldn't get all over the car. We pulled over, and John and I cleaned up what we could. Then I handed Jet the garbage can and said, "To catch stuff if you need it."

Jet was very grateful for that to hold onto, so he knew he wouldn't make another mess, and he hugged it tight while we drove home. He nodded off, still holding the can, but when we got home, we had to take his soiled clothing off him and he woke up. I did a quick towel cleaning off of him, let him rinse out his mouth and nose, and dried him off thoroughly. Then I wrapped him up in John's rainbow sweater, and Jet's legs could both fit into the sleeve of the sweater. He liked that a lot. I put down a couple of towels, got a bowl, and settled Jet on the couch, where he got to watch "The Toy that Saved Christmas" a couple times more. That was a good rest for him.

I was very impressed at how Jet had handled the whole situation. He hadn't gotten upset, hadn't panicked or cried. He did say he didn't like it happening at all, which is entirely to be expected, but he simply handled that it had and didn't agonize over any of it. He just rested peacefully when it was done.

John cleaned up the van. I went to sleep as I had a headache and was exhausted. I slept another three hours.

Jet was much more cheerful when I woke up. He hadn't had any more throwing up. We figure, to the best of our knowledge, that the peaches were bad. John had no idea of how long they'd been in the fridge in a Tupperware, so they could well have gone bad. Plus Jet had been swallowing them down nearly whole. Sigh. So together with the fact that Jet had eaten nearly two cups' worth of peaches it shouldn't have been too surprising he was sick so long as he had peaches in him.

But we were still cautious and cooked him some plain, white rice. John got some food from Chilies for us, as he knew I was tired from doing the Big Meal yesterday, and it was simple and quick, and okay. The black beans in the SW egg rolls were a bit harder than I like, but it was food and the spinach was tasty.

After dinner we played a few video games, including "I Love Katamari", which I'd bought for John. It's harder than I thought... but it was amazingly cute and Japanese. Jet loved it when John kept getting the target size ball, no problem, and they'd go through the ritual of the King of the Cosmos throwing it up into the sky. It got better with repetition.

We did pajamas a little early, and I took Jet up. He was fascinated by the "Captain Underpants" collection that Bob had given him, and was studying it through every phase of the go to sleep process. We ended up reading nine chapters of it. Normally, Jet will get three chapters of a "big book" in place of his "little books", and we settled on nine chapters plus one reading of The Polar Express. Before I was done with The Polar Express Jet had already turned over on the bed and was fast asleep.
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