Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Parents' Day Out

Jet went to school this morning. I'd have though we were being mean, but he really actually seemed to be looking forward to it, and joined the play as soon as he could. When I picked him up he was gleefully running around the classroom with two other boys, and there were few enough kids that he could do that. So I don't feel too bad anymore.

John and I had a good time. We dropped Jet off, did some quiet, contemplative grocery shopping, had NO line at the checkout counter and when the checkout lady said that most people were probably spending gift certificates and she didn't think anyone gave King Sooper's gift certificates she grinned at us when John handed over our gift certificates and said, "Well, I guess I was wrong about the last part of that."

We got groceries, went home, and I sent money for a sheep, a beehive, four saplings, a flock of ducks, and two flocks of chickens to Heifer, which was a lot of fun. I got the receipt to send to work so that they can match the donation. That always amazes me a bit...

Anyway... from there we ran down to Flat Irons and watched King Kong. I'd heard enough mediocre reviews of Narnia that I didn't want my childhood memories of the book to have to get mangled. So we went to Peter Jackson's King Kong. After his interpretation of the Lord of the Rings, I'd trust him to do most of it right and in detail. And he did. It's an astonishing 3+ hours long, but it was worth the time spent. None of the movie was actually slow, just detailed, nearly methodical in it's unrolling of the whole of the story, and I loved it and the feeling of inevitability from the moment she decides to step on that boat.

We had snacks with us, and I timed the bathroom break, so it was good.

From there we headed home. I ate a bit of noodles, and then I went and picked up Jet. We contemplated new sneakers for him, as he's been saying his toes are meeting the front of his sneakers, but when we measured his feet, they're a perfect 11, as are the shoes he's been wearing since last year, when Mom bought him flashy sneakers for his birthday. So we could buy something a bit bigger than that for when he does grow out of these, but he hasn't quite grown that much, yet.

So I took him home, told him Dad was in the basement, and then ran off to my massage appointment. I needed it pretty badly. Bonnie did an amazing job. I was snoring by the time she was done, so relaxed I really didn't want to move. *sigh*

But move I did when it was done, and went home and we had some of the leftover lentil-nut loaf. It was, as the recipe indicated, very rich. It was also quite good with turkey gravy and stuffing and mashed potato and a veg. Good enough I might try making a smaller batch of it again sometime.

Jet ate rice again, but ate a lot more of it. He seemed quite content, which was a good thing. Later, he told me about how he was swinging at school and a kid started yelling at him, and Jet ignored the yelling. Jet decided to just enjoy his swinging for a bit, and then get away from the other boy by climbing the climbing structure up to the top of the slide. Jet as very serious while telling me this, and I said that it was a good thing to have done that, and not fight with the boy, instead. Jet nodded, "God told me to do that." I thought a bit. I'll admit that as a child I would never have referred to God the way Jet does, as an intimate, but it definitely reflects that personal relationship with God that the reformation was nearly all about. So I said, "It's good that you listen to what God wants to you to do." Jet smiled and nodded.

The boys played for the evening while I caught up with this journal. I'd completely missed recording any part of Jet's pre-school's Holiday Pagent, and have finally rectified the situation.

I'm feeling better than I have for a couple of days, so I think I'm getting over my cold faster than I have for a while. I'm glad of that.
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