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Developmental Note

So, as predicted by others, Jet's climbing me, the furniture, the refrigerator, cabinet doors, bookshelves, the walls of his portable play fencing and anything else he can get his hands on, and he's pulling himself up to standing on all of them and wobbling around and yelling when he can't figure out how to get down. He is actually getting down from the standing position with some care, when he can get coordinated, so I'm very pleased by that. He isn't just letting go and hitting with his butt anymore, which used to be pretty exciting, especially on a wood floor.

He's also getting more cavalier about his hand holds when he does pull himself up, now waving the 'other arm' around when he has one good grip. The other day he even transferred both hands to an exercise ball and used it for balance, which was really great for him to learn more about his balance. That was pretty fun to see.

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