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Bigger Jet and Santa Claus

Jet Meets Santa Claus 2005 Jet Meets Santa Claus 2005

This is right after Jet participated in his preschool's Holiday Program. I liked this picture better than the one of the two of them smiling at the camera because Jet, here, is explaining about his letter that he sent to Santa.

One of the many pictures of the season, but I liked this one the best. I think that Jet had no fear at all, much like the picture from last year, in Oregon, where the little tyke is just smiling away on Santa's lap.

One story the Jet told me this last week seems to emphasize the "good" Jet now is... he told John and I about a boy that had "punched him twice and hit him once" and we were pretty concerned. But then Jet said, "I didn't fight him back because he was just a preschool kid, not pre-K. I just told him to stop doing it and he did." Which translates to Jet realizing that the kid was younger than he was and he acted appropriately. We were very, very impressed and told Jet so in no uncertain terms. Jet kind of glowed with quiet pride for a while, too, which was very, very keen to see.

So it's been a pretty darned good holiday season.
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