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A Bite of Heaven

I just got my very first mammogram. Yeah... a few years late, and while I might use Jet or my failure to sign up for my flex spending account as an excuse, it was kinda lame of me. Especially lame since I'd done my annual exam at the beginning of 2005, and the lab order from the doctor was signed in March of last year.

But at the beginning of the year I finally called for my appointment. I went yesterday, and it was not bad, but not exactly comfortable. Squashed body parts indeed. The technician was thorough with the baseline and redid one fuzzy picture, and I was out the door in twenty minutes. The technician didn't give any vibes off at all, so I suspect that the results are a very boring all-clear, and it's not like I suspected anything anyway, this was just a baseline shot for the future. That ounce of prevention so I don't have to go into cures.

Given that part of me had dreaded it and I'd done it anyway, I then went to Santiago's and bought myself a little box of three apple flautas.

Flautas are also called "rolled tacos", some filling rolled in a little tortilla and deep fried. Traditionally corn tortillas with cheese and/or meat filling. Santiago's apple flautas, though, are filled with apple pie filling and use tender flour tortillas instead. So when they're deep fried they come out shatteringly crisp on the ends and flaky, like deep fried pie flaky, in the middle. I sat in the car, right outside the shop and ate one right there. The buttery, crisp shell nearly too hot to eat. I could see where the ends had melted into the styrofoam box, just a bit. But I bit anyway, and it was wonderful, sweet and savory, crisp on the outside, the filling was silky soft and just yielded the way a cooked to just-done apple should. Wow.

For a two dollar self-reward, it doesn't get much better than this.
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