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We've all made it to Sandy Eggo in relatively one piece. Jet's sick. I'm sick. John's fine. The flight was fine, Jet's a trooper on the shuttle and plane and over to the flight. He got a lot of amused looks as he dragged his rolling luggage through the airport.

One point of pride for Jet was that he packed nearly 90% of his stuff. He did a great job of it, getting the right number of nearly everything, and putting it all in his suitcase. He even stashed toys, games, and drawing material in "secret compartments" all over his bag. We were very proud of him.

I spent today with John and we went to Pacific Beach and hit the Zanzibar Cafe on a friend's recommendation, and it was very good. The espresso mochas were silky and spicy Mexican chocolate based instead of cocoa syrup based and were hot and excellent. It's amazing how hot drinks can be and be kept at sea level rather than at altitude. We walked the beach, breathing the ocean air. Wow.

I miss the Pacific, badly. The big waves, the feeling of the ocean feeding the land, bringing on the weather, and air. The sunsets over the water. I miss the scent and the motion and just sitting for minute at a time and watching the waves roll in. Since I was sick, John was very nice about letting me just sit on the concrete benches and watch the water roll in. Dad said that merely weeks ago the rollers were 20 feet tall. My.

Anyway... we then heard much cheering from several sports bars at one intersection. It was funny to hear a concerted noise from so mnay seperate establishments, but it's playoffs, and the Colts made the last five minutes of the game something to remember. Yeesh.

We hit In and Out after the game was over, and then toddled over to La Jolla for coffee at the Pannikin. I also got paper tea bags as Mom and Dad don't have anything to actually stain tea, and I've gotten used to drinking it without the leaves. The stick was a bonus, as I had bags with holes in them at home, free from the Tea House, and hadn't quite known how to use them. I was used to the foldover top.

Home again and I went down for a two hour nap, and when I got up, Jet was napping on John, they'd played for a while, and were watching the second game. So Jet fell asleep on a sleeping John, and they had their nap as well. Jet's still coughing, and he had a rough night, so we were all short on sleep. Ugh...

It's good to be on vacation. It sucks to be sick. But so it is, I'll enjoy being able to recover quietly.
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