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Vacation Update

It's been interesting.

Tuesday we went to the beach, and Jet seemed to have a cough but loved the beach and playing in the sand. We had a nice little parasail kite from one of the beach kite shops and it flew beautifully.

That night, John and I went to the Fresh Seafood restaurant in La Jolla and enjoyed dinner extensively. Then we walked a little and then drove back to the Zanzibar in PB to have dessert. It was wonderful. The cap was exactly what I wanted, and John enjoyed the latte, as we could actually taste the coffee. Yum. The desserts were perfectly proportioned for post big dinner, and the atmosphere was relaxed there.

That night, though, Jet woke me up at 2 am and even with ibuprofen and over the counter meds, couldn't get back to sleep for about two hours, so we planned to take Jet to a doctor in the morning. Mom and Dad couldn't think of anything but urgent care at the UCSD hospital, so we did that. It wasn't fun. Post-holiday rush, I guess, as Monday was Martin Luther King's holiday, and Dad managed to walk outside while waiting for us.

Jet was great. He was as patient as I could have expected with an overall three-hour visit with lots of waiting. He was excellently cooperative with the doctor and with the technicians. They had there ambulences come in while we were waiting with Jet and while Jet's eyes got very, very big at seeing a man with a bandaged and bloody head come out of xray, he went in without any trepidation at all. And he stood very still for his "pictures". He liked seeing his skeleton.

Jet had pneumonia in the right front lobe of his lung, viral or not, they decided it was a good idea to give Jet antibiotics. I concurred. If it had just been bronchitus, I might have demurred, but the pneumonia surprised even the doctor, but he thought it would be best to check. So we did, and I'm glad.

But it as nearly 2 by the time we got out, and the perscription was no where near done, so John shoo'ed Jet and I off to find Jet some food, and with a bag of Fritos we made it home without a meltdown. Then John and I went out to get the medication and do a little shopping away from home.

Jet's been getting gradually better since.

Wednesday and Thursday were the Zoo days. Sunshine kept Mom warm enough, and we only spent a little time on Wednesday morning, as everyone else had passes. Jet got enough to whet his appetite for the animals. The Jet quotes of the day are, "There are so MANY animals!" and "They sorted all the animals!" I like the latter the best.

We ate out both evenings, and Jet went solidly to sleep both evenings, but got up in the middle of each night, needing a little attention. Post-cold that's normal.

I haven't been seriously sick at all. I've mostly had my Airborne and taken decongestants for allegies and I've been mostly okay. John's been solid, and even went for a long beach bike ride one day to have some time to himself and get some good exercise. The Thursday zoo day was pretty strenuous as we stayed from about 10:30 until 3 and walked most of the time.

I got a new battery for my pikachu at a Sears watch center where the lady at the workbench knew well enough to swap the battery over FAST, so I didn't lose my 6.25 million steps! Wow. I got to keep going with the old game, and that was pretty keen when I'd resigned myself to losing it all. Now the screen is bright and clear, and the sounds are sharp again! Amazing.

Today is crab day. Mom and Dad are out hunting crab. John and I went for a quick coffee breakfast this morning, and it was good. We walked a little in the sunshine on the beach, and then headed home so they could go out. We found Jet and Dad playing five-in-a-row. Jet's concentration and patience were great enough for them to play a good four games of it, and Jet won twice, without really planning it, he seems to have an interesting spatial sense of things. What was really cool was that Jet was okay with Dad winning two of the games too. Even four months ago that might not have been true. It's good to see his improvements in those areas.

We're planning on going to some Asian grocery stores and Frye's this morning, with Jet, so that should be fun. And likely hit the beach again this afternoon as it'll be our last chance. Got to drink in that ocean while I can.
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