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Jet's on a kick where he loves pepperoni sandwiched between two Ritz crackers. It started by going to a small party Tuesday night where the host had Ritz crackers and quartered slices of salami, which Jet enjoyed. So I had to go to the grocery store last night and got him whole wheat Ritz and his usual pepperoni.

Jet eyed the crackers and said, "Mom, they're kinda brown..."

I said, "Well, maybe they got toasted a bit more or something, taste one and tell me if it's okay." Sneaky Mom.

Jet tasted one and smiled and started building his sandwiches. He ate about four sandwiches before laying two crackers on his plate and saying, "This is how to build a sandwich. Take a cracker, make sure it's this side down, then get another one and make sure it's this side down and put it right next to the first one. Then get a piece of pepperoni and put it on this cracker. Flip the other cracker over. Move it this way a little to make sure it's right on the other one and squish it a little to make it stay. There. That's how you make a sandwich."

Hee. I admired it and then he ate it and a few more besides.

In just the last week, Jet's telling more about the stories he's seen, and in detail. He gave me a blow-by-blow account of a Dr. Who episode that Kathy had shown him in San Diego. Then he went into detail about a movie he'd seen months go with John. It's clear, now, that he understands the sequencing of events and what makes the whole body of a story. It's interesting to see him process that, now, and then come out with that clear sequence of events for his sandwich making. It hasn't been quite that clear, before this, that he understood that numerous things follow each other in order.
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