Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Family Circus Time

Today was a bit too nuts for me, but rewarding in a few ways.

I knew that Tonya, with, maybe Tanner and Macy, along with Bonnie, with, likely, Ivy and Sage, and maybe Lisa, with Jojo, and maybe Nathan, were all going to go to an Asian grocery store, today.  I learned, this morning from John, that they were also thinking of going to CU to try and get free tickets to a New Years celebration by the Colorady University Chinese Society. 

I knew I was supposed to go to Tonya's at 11, to meet up with folks and head on down.  It was only when I got there that I realized that the plan wasn't to just go sometime after the grocery store, to CU to get the tickets, but that they had a very tight window from 12-12:30 that the tickets would be available, and they didn't know how many were going to get given out.  And I hadn't brought any lunch or snacks for Jet. 

We were ridiculously lucky with parking in the middle of a school day on campus in front of the school bookstore, since Sage was asleep and Bonnie had to carry him.  We all got in line and I could see college kids eyeing all the itty-bitties.  There were nearly 100 people in a line that snaked through the cafeteria, out into the main hall and back into the cafeteria area again.  I could see people backing up when Jet started saying, "I want cheese pizza, Mom.  I'm hungry, Mom." and I was trying to tell him we had to wait in line, "But I don't WANNA wait in line anymore, Mom.  I really want cheese pizza.  I'm starving, Mom!"  The other moms took one look and said, "Go get him some food."

So I did.  The cafeteria had slices readily available, so I bought Jet a slice of cheese pizza and as he waited in line, he ate the WHOLE THING.  Goodness gracious.  He was hungry, I guess.

Then there were Chinese women arguing and haraguing the ticket givers, and before a quarter of the line had gotten theirs, they'd run out of tickets.

Oh, well.  We all then headed back to the cars, and headed South to the Pacific Ocean, where we all wandered up and down the aisles, watched out for each others kids, and bought a lot of random stuff.  I got a lot of questions about things, which was fine. They knew I couldn't explain everything, and I finally let go of the expectation that I be able to say something about everything.  :-)

That was good.

Jet got a Japanese marble bottle lemonaid.  I bought lots of potstickers and a tray of frozen, uncooked scallion pancakes!  Wow.  I love those things, but my family can't eat a whole batch, and they take a lot of time to make, not cook.  So it was great to get five of them, uncooked, so that we could eat them freshly baked. I got an oval noodle for a stir-fry dish at home, comfort food. I also got turnip cake, and ended up by the live crab tanks.  They had lobsters for $9.99 a pound, and Dungeness crabs on sale for $4.99 a pound!  Better than the usual $5.99 a pound.  I wibbled and wobbled, and then Tonya said, "Get them!"

So I did.  Two of them with madly waving feet and claws, they were certainly lively.  So the guy tucked them in a paper sack and then tied up a plastic sack around that and handed that to me.  The crabs were pretty quiet.  I helped Macy find the restroom, and then went myself, and then we washed up and headed back to the posse, who were all taking restroom breaks, and after turns, we all went through the checkout lines and finally got everything and everyone and headed back into the cars.  Bonnie took us into her car.  A few minutes into the drive, and we hear the crabs rustling about, and moving the bags around in the back.  Eek!

They hadn't gotten out at all, they were just getting more comfortable.  So that was fine, and Bonnie dropped us off home.

John got home at 4.  I let him clean the crabs, and set them up in the lower of two levels for the steamer, and we set a tomato can on top to keep them in.  I boiled water.  I also prepped all the veg for the stir-fry noodle dish, and when the water came to a boil for the crabs and for the noodles, I tucked the steamer basket onto the boiling water.  The crabs stopped making any noises just a few minutes into the steam.  I took out the can, and let them cook while I cooked all the other stuff.

The crabs turned out great.  I called my Mom to ask her how long to cook them, and the 25 minutes worked as well up here as down there.  They were tender and delicious and had that steamed-live texture and sweetness that I really love.  I can't eat a frozen crab leg without longing for the "Real Thing". 

Jet asked to have chicken nuggets, so we went and out and got him a Happy Meal, which he chowed down on and ate every nugget of before abandoning the fries to finish the milk and some canned oranges as well.  He was a hungry guy and he went right to sleep when it was bedtime.

So it was worth it.  All the odd feelings about eating something that was just crawling around in the back of the car were finally made okay.  It was a lot of fun being with all the other parents and kids as well.

Now I have to get through tomorrow.  :-)
Tags: adventure, cooking, courage

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