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Chinese New Years

Had pretty crazy days yesterday and the day before.  This morning had four baptisms, including one of the kids adopted from an Asian country.  So the Lunar New Year celebration (much protest by the parents with Korean and Vietnamese kids at the nomer "Chinese New Years") was pretty fun and filled with stuff and lots of people taking care of things.  So I mostly got to just set things up, warm the potstickers from last night, plate 'em and then watch all the food disappear.  I also made the coffee, as whomever was going to just didn't. 

So I felt not a lick of guilt as everyone else cleaned up.

The sticky cake and the steamed cake actually disappeared, which was cool and mildly surprising to me.  A few people said that the labels helped encourage them to try the cakes.  The potstickers went first, though, as I think they were pretty familiar to most folks; but had exotic enough ingredients that they hadn't had a chance at 'em before.  The candies went pretty well.  The cake that the baptismal subject's mom brought went quite well as well, as it was likely the only familiar thing on the table, and those that simply couldn't take the "weird stuff" went for the chocolate cake. 

So all is good.

Went home, exhausted.  We have a dinner, tonight, with the other families that had been involved at a local Chinese buffet, a fair one which even I will eat at, and they'll be busy enough tonight, I think, to have good food turnover, and it'll be fresher than usual.  A few crazy folk were talking about crashing the CU Chinese party to see the Dragon dance, but I can't imagine crashing a party with three-, four-, and five-year-olds.  It'd be too weird to get thrown out with little kids.  I'd rather relax with a dinner I don't have to cook, and just enjoy the evening. 
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