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Jet is SOooooo excited about his upcoming birthday.  At dinner tonight, his eyes got all big as he said, "My birthday is in TWO days!  And my party is in four days!"  Hee. It's fun that he can actually count the days now, and he took a while to work out that his birthday was Thursday and his party was Saturday...

He and John picked Zebra cakes for the treat to bring to Game School on Thursday.  The school asks us to take in commercial snacks so that they can vet the ingredients for allergens, which makes all kinds of sense.  The big sack is just sitting on the washing machine cover and Jet grins every time he walks by them and touches the boxes with a reverent hand.  The boys also ordered a 1/4 sheet cake for the party, giving the bakery plenty of notice.

We went for ice cream tonight, at the White Mountain Creamery.  They're doing pretty well, from the looks of it, and we all enjoyed our ice creams and talked about Jet's party and what we were going to do...  Jet really wants to make paper fish to do Go Fish from the backs of couches, and other cool games for the kids.  Mom gave me a little Betty Crocker book on how to do birthday parties from back in the 60's.  What's really cool is that most of the games and things still work today.  What excites little kids hasn't changed all that much.
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