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It still amazes me that I can go to the library and just pick up any book and read it and get all those ideas, thoughts, and concepts for relatively free.  I know, I know, I pay taxes to enable libraries, but STILL...

I went, last night, at the last hour, to get Jet his Farkleberry Farm video, and he tagged along, and was great when I asked him to hurry and we went upstairs to the adult section, and I peered at the new non-fiction books, in case there were any knitting books.  There was just one book called "Knittisicms:  Purls of Wisdom" which I had to get, but right next to it was a book titled Sandcastles Made Simple.  Wow.  I borrowed that and devoured it in a night and now I want to get back to a beach.  Soon.

But it amazes me that I can pick up the experience and practical knowledge that some professional sand sculptor got from years of experience and collaboration with her cohorts and now do something I never thought I could, before.  Now *that* is magic.
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