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Busy, crazy weekend

In short form,

  • I came down with a cold that for the last three days has had me shaking with chills and then running a fever between 100 and 102 for about an hour and then I'm fine again for the day.
  • John came down with the same cold on Sunday
  • We did shit anyway.

    1. Got tires for the Passat after several slow leaks in the old ones
    2. Did much Christmas shopping
    3. Stocked up on groceries
    4. Went to Costco to do both X-mas shoppng and stocking
    5. Wrapped and mailed gifts
    6. Tried to strong arm some people into giving us a Christmas list
    7. Got two haircuts (no, Jet didn't get his yet)

  • Jet's diaper rash kept him up four times a night every night
  • Dr. Turner has recommended stuff that is definitely making him better
  • Jet now climbs stairs with supervision
  • Jet insists that head first is the only way to go down stairs, even if he somersaults a few times, no big, it's the ONLY way he'll go
  • Kathy and I talked for three hours over decades of Stuff.
  • Sometimes when we're avid recyclers it feels a bit like we're garbage collectors

The three hours with Kathy sent me into internal processing mode and I'm still not out of it. That has been since Sunday morning, but the gist is that I'm now totally ecstatic about my life, about my family of Jet and John and I, and I am very clearly shown that I've made a lot of decisions and actions in my life that have gotten me farther along that journey of being who I want to be. There was a whole lot of evidence just in these last two days that while I am not and never will be (thank Whomever) perfect, I'm at least getting better to the point of being happy. Which might be the whole point anyway...

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