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Snow, My Group Dinner, and The Weekend

There was snow, Thursday night. Three glistening, white, beautiful inches of snow. Fluffy on the tops of the swing-set, and the struts over the gazebo over the hot tub was sparkling with hundreds of short icicles.

I had my group over for dinner that night and we had a blast talking with each other. I have a very interesting group of people. It's cool and fun, now. I can see that just having the right people as made it easier. Much easier. By the time we were done with the herb and garlic roast chicken, bread, asparagus, smashed potatoes, and a finale of my flourless chocolate cakes and a lot of laughter and talking the air, outside was filled with snow.

Friday was cold, cold, cold and beautiful. Jet and I mostly snuggled in the warm house, and watched cartoons and played games with each other, and had a good time. We finally went out in order to return a library movie and get some books. Jet was great, and played in the puppet theater while I got kids books. He picked his own videos. Then he went up to the adult section with me to look for knitting books. He was quite good about declaring when he HAD to use the bathroom, so we quick walked there and he got his relief. Then he was great about gently leafing through a book about the gardens in Alexandria while I quick flipped through a bunch of pattern books.

Debbie Bliss looks like a good designer.

We borrowed the books, went home, made dinner, and had fun with Daddy.

We've been watching a lot of the Winter Olympics.

Saturday was laze about the house day and go to Curious George Day. The movie has nearly nothing to do with the books, as it really centers on "The Man with the Yellow Hat", who actually gets a name and a plot of his own. It's also a lot more PC than the original books, where the Man just pops poor George into a bag and drags him home from Africa to put into a zoo. It was fun and entirely unscary at all and nothing to worry a parent of a small child. Both Finding Nemo and all the Toy Story movies and especially The Incredibles had some harrowing moments of hmmm... I hope Jet's not scared. He was never actually scared, but Curious George didn't go there At All, which was very nice.

Sunday was 50's, and a Jet and Mommy morning. He filled out his Valentines for Tuesday. I read Jennifer Cruisie's Fast Women, which I enjoyed immensely.

I spent part of the really warm afternoon on the front driveway planting seeds. Jet helped a lot while the mud was good and gloopy and he could slop it into my seed cells. He had a great time with that. I planted a dozen Green Zebras, a dozen First Ladies, and nearly twenty Cherry Sweets along with some lettuce and basil. The other stuff is so hard to transplant... but I hope to have some tomato plants I can sell by the end of the sprouting season. It was really good to just sit there and do that. I enjoyed it immensely.

We watched a bit more Olympics and then went to a friends house for dinner with some other folks. That was good, but I went to sleep way too late. Ah well...

So I'm overloaded and tired today, but I'm getting a metric ton of stuff done, which is good, as after the last few weeks I haven't felt very effective. Now I'm going again, and that feels good, eventhough I didn't get to my lunch until now. Oops.
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