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At 3:30, while I was in a meeting Seven Oaks left me two messages on my work phone and my celphone that Jet had woken up from his nap with a 103.9 degree temp. Luckily, they then called John and he got Jet from school and took him home and then made a quick appointment with Dr. Turner, our pediatrician. They had space for him, and John took him in. I followed when I got out of my meeting.

Jet was feverish again, John gave him a shot of ibuprofen and by the time they took his temp, it was just 102. Whew.

So Jet has his fever again. The doctor took a thorough look at him, and without any symptom other than the fever, she wasn't quite sure what it was, but it was likely to be Fifth Disease. But the high fever seems unusual in the description... and the doc said that there was likely to be two to three more days of fever. So we treat the symptom, i.e. the fever, by using plenty of ibuprofen on a regular basis (Jet got the fever back after his 6am dose wore out during his nap) for the next few days, and to get ready for the rash.

Hm. This last summer, Jet had that mysterious rash we never quite got a handle on...

Sometimes I think having a child involves so many mysterious illnesses just to make one practice balance of sort... or something...

Anyway. Both John and I stayed home for the evening, and we'll be trading off kid duties tomorrow. My brain is discombobulated because I got a new, very, very fast laptop at work, but it's a clean slate and nearly all the things that I'm used to working with aren't on it, yet, so I'm rebuilding my system, install by install. Bah...
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