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You know you're alive when you go out into -14° F (-25°C) with wind chill taking it down to -28°F (-33°C), even bundled up like crazy.

We went to Abo's Pizza Friday night, in that weather, and the place was just hopping, as everyone was getting delivery and we were the only ones fool enough to go out ourselves, and the place was COLD, except right by the ovens and the heater vent, and the guys were all working like mad within a two yard radius of the ovens because the delivery guys were going in and out so often that the place was just one BIG DRAFT.

The thing about being out in weather that cold is that you can feel the wind whipping away the tendrils of life from your body. When I breathed that air into the lungs without a scarf to filter it, I could feel my lungs start an instant asthma reaction. I could feel the warmth sucked right out of my body and parts of my lungs doing their tiny best to not just freeze. Any exposed flesh tingles and even stuff behind one layer of cloth starts to ring the alarms of the nervous system going, "GET OUT OF THIS."

We did not take the vehicle with fuel that can curdle.

We did go into Denver the next day, with a high of 7° and wind chill taking it back down below zero and John wore shorts to the Home and Garden Show, which was two whole blocks from the parking structure. He got a lot of "Do you know it's COLD out here?"s and "You're insane!" and one lady, whom we adored, who said, "Hmmm... got a pass out for the day, did you?"


Jet was bundled up like a little Stay-Puff Man, fur hat, polar-tech mittens up to his elbows, three layers of coat, and a scarf bigger than he was to cover his nose and mouth. He's over the fever, all right, and was happy as a clam at all the exclamations of "How CUTE!" and "How warm!" he got for his hat.

We had a good, long weekend. Yesterday Jet got a hair cut and asked for yellow gel in his hair, and he showed everyone and anyone, "I have YELLOW hair!" My boy. :-) He also did melty bead art, and had a good time shopping for Mikayala's birthday party.

I went on a knitting spree. I did some simple fingerless mitts, sideways, with garter stitch. It was satisfying to finish a pair in about the length of a bronze-metal women's hockey game, when I'm STILL working on the Adama's shawl. Last two repeats of the pattern, though, so I'm getting to the finish line on that.

I made the mistake of borrowing Meg Swanson's Knitting from the library on Friday, while Jet and I puttered about. On Saturday, I ordered it from Schoolhouse Press, not Amazon. Yes, I paid full price for it and went through a bad-enough website format to do it, on purpose. *sigh*

Usually, with knitting books (in the last week, Weekend Knitting, Debbie Bliss for kids, plus some that weren't even memorable enough to mention), there's one, maybe two things I really want to make, in that book there were a clean dozen, plus a whole section of just handy tips that I really liked and wanted to keep close, plus lots of cardigans with cut steeks (courage!) that looked just gorgeous on the real women 'modeling' them. Too many of the Vogue knitting books (a Hollywood knitting, a stylish knitting, and a few other books that made me squint) have sweaters that make even super models look like bag ladies. This one was too good to pass up and not pay full price to the author.

Plus I got the yarn for the "Crying Sun/Moon" sweater, yes, the name is definitely evocative of the pattern, itself. Yes, I'll have pictures.

I've resolved to now have pictures of everything I knit. I got called, Monday night, by the mom of a little girl that I'd given a sweater to on Sunday morning. She told me that the little girl had worn that sweater to bed, and then all day, and she'd struggled, every time they went out, to put the sweater under her favorite coat, and the little girl had finally given up the coat to have on the sweater... the same little girl loves the little pink socks I'd made for her, so much that she wears them All The Time, to bed, to rise, indoors, outdoors, to the point where the mom can't even wash them. I made her another pair, but without a sparkling lace edging, so now I may as well just add edging to the other pair. :-)

That was good. Very good.

I have two HUGE hurdles to get over today, at work. It's lending me the energy to get through the uncertainty. I will likely do just fine; but I'm still nervous/scared. Emotions aren't always RIGHT, but they are. *sigh* Once they're done I'll likely to better as I do these things again, but so it is.
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