Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Moving On

My group has given me a much lighter, much, much faster laptop to work with, and it's been something of a pain to set it up so that it works the way I want it to rather than the way it's set up to, at first.

So I've avoided using the new machine until today. I had the big deliverables yesterday, so I finally thought I'd bite the bullet and move to the new beast, and stay there. It's been troublesome, but not too bad. I've finally figured out some of the quirks that I had. So that's to the good.

Then, later today, I realized that I have another big presentation Monday. Which my backbrain said, "Hm... big? What's big now? You were terrified of this very same presentation a year ago, and now it's just doing something you've done before. That's EEEeeeezy..." And it is, oddly enough, easier.

Last night, Jet recited nearly half of Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum to me, saying, "Hey! It's easy to read..." Funny thing was that he wasn't even looking at the words. "Bubble gum, bubble gum, ooey gooey bubble gum, icky sticky bubble gum, melting on the road." Hee. Now it's stuck to my brain, too. Ha!

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