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Things to Remember

On NPR there was a blurb about a robber who couldn't spell and he'd left a note at a crime scene signed (and transcribed from what was said on the radio) "Your friendy rooftop boogler."

John and I laughed ourselves sick, and then Jet started chanting, from the back of the van, "Say boogler! Say boogler! Say boogler!"

Now, when John and I want to get the other to giggle, we now say, "Say boogler!"

It works, every time.

Jet told John about a kid at school. Jet didn't know the kid, but the kid said, "Hey, Jet!" to Jet. So Jet was saying, "And I didn't knowed him at all, but he knowed me."

John, trying to teach Jet the vagueries of English said, "Sorry, Jet, the word 'know' is weird, it's not 'knowed' it's 'knew'."

Jet, impatient with Dad said, "Uh uh! It wasn't new, I NEVER knowed that kid."

John, faced with having to do a weird explanatory dance between 'no'/'know' 'new'/'knew' and the vagueries of English tense took the wise route and said, "Oh. Okay, Jet."

Smart man.

I'm in denial, really. Just cruising along on the waves of work that are sloshing over me, and the tiny bits of real life right next to me, rather than dealing with the mortality of those I'd known. I'll likely make an effort to make myself take the time and effort to have small ceremony, burn spirit money for those passed on to acknowledge what's happened, and think about them.

My body knows, though. I had the roughest massage session I've had in a very long time last night. So we scheduled an extra one for next week, so I'll have three weeks in a row of actually concentrating on some really bad spots. I'm lucky to have a great massage therapist who also isn't overbooked. I've also worn my light pressure/warmth gloves for typing today. I hope it helps.

Got an award today, plaque and stocks gifted for something that I'm actually not sure I did. It's odd to have that acknowledged when the other stuff that I DO do isn't acknowledged as concretely.
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