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Rusty Dragon Wings "Adamas Shawl"

Rusty Dragon Shawl
Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.
It's done. Finished it today, along with a pair of fingerless mitts for me, a poncho with fringe for Mikayla, and it's pretty cool to see. Yes, the Olympics gave me a lot of time for knitting. There's now pictures on flickr of the items, I'm starting a "knitting" set of pictures. So there's more there with the stitch pattern close up and the corner, close up.

The shawl has about a six foot wing span and is about three feet deep. I did it in the Knit Picks Shadow Sunset. It DID have enough yarn left over for a center panel, though it might have to be a little narrow. There were actually more than just the straight edge increases, so it was possible to pin it out with the wings 'raised' a little rather than just straight.

I have a shawl in my head called Dryad's Hair with a drooping leaf center panel, oak leaf 'wings', and a double leaf edging I found in a shawls book. I'm likely to do it in Knit Pick's Shadow "Lost Lake". The names are evocative enough, and the heathery colors are really nice. There's also a pink and purple garter square poncho in my future for a little one-armed girl who loves pink and purple.

Yeah, yeah... I know. I just finished it, and as I once said about one of my old Shetland shawls, once the shawl is done it's dead for me. Hm. I have a friend that I might give this to, I know I probably won't wear it.
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