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Busy Weekend

And a little crazy, too, I was, that is...

Friday morning, Jet and I called T. at 9, who told us that the Discovery Days at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center wasn't happening in the afternoon, they just had one extended session for the morning from 9 until 11:30, so we both called each other again in half an hour and were mostly put together enough to go out the door. We all met up at the museum, and the kiddos worked away at five different craft tables that all required some amount of adult supervision.

The rain tube had Big Iron nails stuck through the tube, but given Jet could just raise the hammer to put them, in, it wasn't really that dangerous. And he and t. covered their tubes with pretty masking tape. So that was pretty cool. Then Jet made a Jaguar paper bag puppet, and laughed and laughed when he put a tongue inside the mouth of the puppet. Then Jet got involved in the sand table filled with bird seed, and played and played with that while t. and M. did other painting and got their faces painted with Incredibles masks. t. wanted to be Dash, and M. wanted to be Violet, so they were.

All the kids piled into my van in order to go to Noodles and Company and when we arrived, the parking lot was empty so we parked quite close, and all piled out, and T wasn't there, yet, so we all piled out, looked both ways, and then dashed across the street to the restaurant. There was no one in line when we got there, so I just started ordering for Jet and I and then for t. and M. as the three of them did laps around me and I had to catch folks to get their order out of them. Then T. showed up and ordered for herself as well, so we were all ordered and when I looked up, the line was Out The Door. :-)

Later, T. said that folks were looking at her like "Why does SHE get to go to the front of the line?" until they saw that she was joining me and then it was looks of "Oh, good. SHE needs some help there..." Hee.

We found a corner table by the windows, and we played with chopsticks and fun chops until the food arrived, and then the kids inhaled their food. Quickly. I ate my curry soup quite happily, as I could feel something in my sinuses. I think it might be allergies, not actually a cold, but I'm not to sure. This 70 degree weather is just weird and the whole world thinks it's actually spring, when I KNOW there's more freezing, snow, and ice to come.

From there, they were headed into Boulder, while Jet and I went to Hobby Lobby because I'd promised him that we would buy him some yarn for a poncho. I'd been thinking dusty blues or grays... Jet went immediately for the gold and yellows and lavender. *sigh*. He wouldn't give up the lavender until he decided on a really fluffy, sparkling, boa-type gold with white and a egg yolk yellow with white mixed in. Momma rolling her eyes was probably part of the incentive, and even after I explained that there might be people that would laugh at him for wearing these colors, he was emphatic about wanting them.

So he got them.

And then was very patient with me as I put him on my shoulders and we looked for seedling pots at the Flower Bin. He was also very proud of the responsibility I gave him to stop me if I was going to buy anything other than the seedling pots. We couldn't find the very thin, very cheap, pull-apart pots, so we ended up spending six whole dollars on peat-style pots. I'm likely to give away 80% of my seedlings, so I didn't mind giving away one-time use pots that would go nicely into the soil.

We then hit the library, and I returned a bunch of stuff. We then went up into the Adult Library and he was very quiet, until he darted into the stacks and said, "MOM! Look!" It was a book on rollercoasters, so we got that for him while I found some books on Chinese Ink painting. I was so grumpy about losing the other book that I needed to borrow something to look at. And they were quite nice. So we borrowed those, and Jet didn't want any of his books or movies, so we were good to go.

From last Tuesday, when we'd gone with the church group, Jet had in his head that he HAD to paint an egg. So we went to Crackpots and I paid for his lab fee and his egg, and he patiently wrote all over it and painted a few things on it. He had what he really wanted, so we did that, and headed out again. By now both of us were pretty exhausted. I got myself an Inta' Juice choco-nutter, which is chocolate sauce, bananas, and peanut butter along with non-fat yogurt (sadly, not unsweetened) all blended together with more sugar than I can stand, but it tastes good anyway, and as I was driving home I saw Jet nod off in his seat.

So when I got home, I just curled up next to him on the big bench seat, and went to sleep with my little buckwheat hull pillow under my head. I woke up an hour later, rumbled about enough and woke Jet up as well, and we headed into the house. John arrived home half an hour later and blinked a lot at the recitation of the day.

Saturday I repotted nearly all my seedlings. I didn't do the Green Zebras, yet, as they weren't as far along as the First Ladies were. But the cherry tomatoes were WELL beyond their reach in the water-only seeding systems. So I had to put them somewhere and the peat pots were pretty good about that. I'm going to have to top them all off, though, soon as the settling was pretty hard. There were twenty cherry tomato plants, ten basil, and ten lettuce type things. So I put all the basil and lettuces in one big pot, each, and they'll likely do just fine. But each of the tomato plants got put into their own pots and that was good.

That was a lot of work.

I cleaned up almost everything, but at the very end I was so tired I just stopped.

I read Wizard's Holiday, but Diane Duane, and liked it well enough that I didn't stop. There was a party that night, an open house for new members with lots and lots of established members, and when I went to it, I found myself entirely non-functional. So I went home, pleading headache. Then I hopped into the car, went to King Soopers, and bought some country style pork ribs and a few other things and went home to marinate the ribs, knit, and read the last of my book.

Sunday morning I did coffee. Church was quite good, all in all. I learned some stuff. I knitted. I made too much coffee. I ate some stuff. I mostly avoided people. Then we went home and I had a Lean Cuisine lunch as I wasn't that hungry, but knew I'd go down if I didn't eat anything. The boys decided to go to the park to play for a bit, on their bikes with T., P., t., and M. and after the previous night, I knew that I wasn't up to more social stuff. So I stayed home, knitted until my arms warned me off that, thought about hopping on my bike to see the boys, but realized they'd probably be coming home, so I read until my eyes and head said that was enough, and then I cooked the country style ribs just to do that, and then it was three hours later, and Crackpots was going to close pretty soon, and we'd wanted to at least see the church group bowls.

So I called them. Sure enough, they were on their way home. I knew that with Mercury Retrograde, no matter when I called them they would be coming home, so I couldn't go out to meet them, and I couldn't have fun with them, I could only wait for them. So I decided to just stop feeling sorry for myself, and I went out and planted more seeds.

I am going to be SO awash with plants this spring it isn't even funny.

But they came home when I was just about done. I complained bitterly for a bit about how stupid I felt, and Jet stated, "Stupid is a bad word, you shouldn't use it on yourself." *blink* *blink* "Uhm... it's how I feel..." "But you're not stupid, Mom." Okay.

Anyway... Jet had ridden 3.5 miles on his bike and played for hours and caught a crayfish and had a blast at the park with is other friends.

But he amicably went with us to Crackpots, falling asleep on the way, but waking up when we got there. He admired all our bowls. I took pictures of the ones we could see. The sparrows turned out nicely. I'll do better on the bamboo leaves next time. C.'s patterned sunflower was GORGEOUS. I SO want that bowl.

From there we dropped by the grocery store for some peanut sauce. We found a lot of the folks that the boys had seen at the park. Then we went home, and Jet had wheel noodles with butter and cheese, while John and I had the country style ribs that had been roasted in Chinese BBQ sauce. We also wrapped rice noodles, julienned carrots, cilantro, slivered green onions, and mung bean sprouts that I'd grown for the last few days into rice paper wrappers and ate those with the peanut sauce. It was very good. I wouldn't be surprised if I could just toss that sauce with some noodles and have some very good peanut noodles.

The mung bean sprouts were a good thing. Just one tablespoon of seeds generates more sprouts than we can eat in one meal. With a weight on them, the roots get very thick and long, nearly like commercial sprouts, but not quite as pretty, as I don't actually grow them in perfect dark. So they get a little rosy and pale green. I grow them a little too long, too, so the leaves coming out of them are pretty big, but Jet liked 'em enough that he ate a handful of them, raw, for his vegetable/fruit. So that was Very Good Indeed.

t. and M. came over to play for the evening, and I mostly just knit while they ran around like mad. I helped M. a little during hide and seek, to find place to hide, and she had to have a flashlight to go into a closet. That was pretty cool. I'm nearly done with Jet's poncho and shall have to put a picture up of it when I am.

Here I'd been thinking what a terrible weekend it was because of the miscommunication Sunday afternoon and my complete inability to deal with social situations Saturday, but it's actually been pretty good, all in all. It's good to write it down so that I remember the good parts really outweigh the bad.
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