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It's Still Winter

And there's a good three inches of snow outside, but nothing like the COLD we had before. Freezing is pretty nice compared to that.

Jet wore his poncho all day, yesterday, only taking it off for his nap, at school; but when I went to pick him up, he was still wearing it. Hee. He let me put his down vest on underneath the poncho, and then we browsed the book fair and he got "If you give a pig a party..." and then wanted a video game. He wanted anyone BUT the "I Spy Fantasy" game that I wanted to get him, as it was the only one that was age-appropriate. He finally conceded.

A lady at the school asked me if I had patterns for the ponchos I was making for Jet and for M., whom she'd also seen get a poncho, and I admitted, "Uhm... no, I just make 'em up." She blinked at that, and admitted that she knew a little crochet, but she'd only ever done scarves and blankets. I said, "Well, these are just a single step up from a blanket... see..." and I pulled Jet's poncho off him, after asking him if it was okay, and showed her that it was basically a blanket with a hole in the middle. *grin* Unromantic, I know, but still...

She said she didn't really know many stitches and couldn't read the abbreviations on the patterns, but I said... well... you could just make two small blankets and sew them together at the shoulder. And that surprised her so much.

I sometimes have to remember that my engineering brain sees things differently than most people...

We went home and played it after dinner, and he really got into it. We did the first round of all three worlds, last night, while John was off to a meeting. This morning, Jet ate his breakfast really quickly, and asked, very politely, to play the space one again, so he did. He tried the next level up, but found it to be too hard, so we gave him a new game and he cheerfully played the level himself, words and all. The game reads a poem that has all the things he has to find to get a piece of a puzzle (a key for the dungeon, a power crystal for the rocket, or a page of the mermaid's diary for the sea game). The pieces have to all be found before the finally puzzle can be found. The final puzzle uses pieces from all the other puzzles, and when that's done, you get the goal/prize. So he's nearly learning to read with this game, as all the poems will say the words he clicks on, and he's clicked on enough words often enough that he's starting to memorize them quite nicely. Especially the words that are hidden in the puzzles themselves. He's learned to recognize the all-cap words as *words* that he has to find the letters of in the picture.

That's been very cool.

My tomato plants are very happy. It's odd seeing my hundred seedlings be so happy when it's all snowy outside...

I am on the verge of a nose cold again. The Airborne keeps fighting it off for me, but decongestants are nice...
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