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John's parents arrived Wednesday evening, and have been acclimating nicely. Jet's gotten quite used to them, and we've talked, for the last several days about John and I leaving for a few days. We're heading to San Jose, for business, for an offsite together with a group that we're both working for at this time.

My time is pretty much booked.

I'm gradually more rested up as with two more adults here, there's actually chances for naps, trips alone to the store and other stuff. It's been very nice.

I have cut down on the knitting, but I also realized that probably part of the problem was when I let Jet ride my shoulders for far longer than usual. Dang. I finally thought I might as well bring some of the sock yarn I have for Jet along with me. His socks are so quick and he wants several pairs so quickly, it seems appropriate to, at least, try. I also found Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around at the library and noted her moccasin sock pattern on a piece of paper. Turns out the stitch count for an adult sock in worsted is the same as the stitch count for Jet's socks in sock yarn, so I will adapt the technique for these socks Jet wears out SOooooo quickly. I'll feel better when I can just replace the whole sole instead of tossing the sock, with how quickly Jet wears through my "yarn socks" now.

Friday was good and quiet, mostly just getting to the library and playing at the park. I managed to make corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and everyone enjoyed it eventhough we forgot to make the soda bread. :-)

Today was the Empty Bowls soup lunch. After the disappointment of last year, I was prepared for anything BUT the fact that both of my bowls made it into the silent auction this year. The art teacher's bowl also made it, and I bid big on it, but someone else may have bid on it as well. Hee. I loved it a lot. It's funny, but, this year, I kind of said good-bye to the bowls when I saw them fired, and it was odd to see them again and have another chance at them, in a way.

What was mildly more amusing was that a bunch of the church folks were there were asking me WHICH bowls were mine and couldn't believe the disparity. The first was the sparrows in flight, the second was a geometric sort of thing, where I'd split the bowl into sixths on the inside and painted the negative of a snowflake (kind of like the cut-out snowflakes you made as a kid? I just painted the same thing six times in measured way around the bowl, over and over and...). On the outside I'd used all the sunny colors I could find, red, orange, and yellow, and made a sun/flower on the outside. Kind of like the winter and summer season cycles here. Black, purple and blue on the inside. We were pretty much limited to primary colors plus brown, black, and white at the portable Crackpots session we'd had at work, so I'd left it at that.

But it was bemusing that I'd tried so hard last year, and was so disappointed; and this year, I'd tried so hard to not care only to have it happen. Perhaps that's just the way it is...

I got to put Jet to sleep tonight, as he really wanted me before I left, tomorrow. John's leaving Monday. I'd wanted most of Monday at work in order to talk with some folks and get some things ready, so I'm leaving a day early. Luckily, it turns out, as it's supposed to be snowing like crazy Sunday night and Monday.

It's RAINING at the moment, which is unheard of. I might get wet at the bus stop tomorrow, but I shouldn't run into too many delays because of snow. John's nearly planning on delays for Monday. I'm actually planning on getting a shoulder/neck, forearm massage at the airport, so that should be nice.

I trust George, explicitely, to take care of all my little seedlings, all 50 some odd of them. :-) He'll have fun with all the baby plants. I repotted the Green Zebras today, and simply threw out one of them that was plagued by aphids. Hopefully, George won't be bothered by any of the little green monsters. Hmph.
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