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All The Luck

Since all the luck drained out of the last month, I really prepared immensely for today. I had two backup plans for the bus, planned for lot of time at the airport, including a massage and lunch, and bsaiclaly prepared for the worse, none of which actually happened, for me that is.

I think that it was due to the bulk of the folks planning on traveling for the offsite doing so tomorrow and the morning after... so the blizzard it supposed to hit THEN, now now. When it can cause the most disruption. Though, some of the echos of that are here already as a number of business men are scrambling to try and catch flights today instead of tomorrow, and the customer service line is around the darned block in trying to accomidate those folks. Poor guys.

The bus plans happened exactly as originally planned, no contingencies, and, on top of that, the bus' money taker was broken, so the driver waved the $10 fee to the airport! Completely! Wow. THAT was a great bit of luck. The other lucky thing was arriving in plenty of time to reconfigure all my luggage, check what I didn't want to lug, and then have a whole half hour massage with time left over for a nice little Quizno's lunch, with an extra bottle of water to work through the massage residues.

When I got to the gate one power outlet was still free, so I got to sit with my back to a pillar, watch the traffic, and work on this. :-) One of the cleanup crew at the airport walked by with a garbage can, so I didn't even have to get up to toss my garbage!

Lots of small luck bits, so I feel like MR is starting to go away for me, at least. Maybe in the shadow of a lot worse luck tomorrow for a lot of folks, the wave before the trough, I guess, but I'll ride the wave and be thankful for it.
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