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Other Luck

Dinner last night was great, and I was very glad to get to see aelfsciene, amberley, and flit along with her other half and her dog, the Mighty Moose, who is utterly adorable. It was good. I even got to shop at a Trader Joe's which is very unusual and very nice.

Today's rain made getting one of my co-workers from the airport really hard, and then I've been meeting with folks all day and that's been headachy. Luckily, the hotel has a hot tub and I intend to use it in the rain. I need that. The rain made driving a little nuts as Californians don't seem to believe in leaving ANY ROOM between cars, even when the roads are completely slick. Or there was the one lady that hit her brakes as hard as she could every time she was at all uncertain of anything, pretty much guarenteeing a pile-up behind her. Bleh.

The poor co-worker was two hours late due to uncountable delays from the moment he parked his car at the parking lot; but, thankfully, he made it.

The luck has caught up to me. John still isn't in evidence, but I got here safely enough, and they had African-style lamb at the cafeteria for lunch today, so I'm mildly mollified. The really thick brownie was also something of a comfort as well. This morning, when I called John to tell him I'd love it if he'd bring just a tiny bottle of neutral lotion rather than the smelly stuff in the hotel, handed me over to Jet who told me about the snow that had fallen overnight and that he planned on a snowball fight with Grandpa later. Hee. That was quite good.

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