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A Very Nice Friday

Jet and I had a very good Friday.

Jet started out very motivated by a coupon we have found at his preschool for two dollars off a haircut. He declared, the previous night, that he really needed a haircut. So we breezed through breakfast, getting into our clothes, and putting everything together that we needed to get out of the door and into the car.

The very first thing we went was Silly Scissors, a shop that specializes in kid cuts, but it was only a little bit after nine and they weren't open until 10. There were a few things we wanted at the Target, so we went there first. Jet really wanted more cough drops, and I needed more rechargeable batteries. We found the cough drops easily, but they weren't carrying the Rav-O-Vac rechargeable Nmh batteries anymore. I have a charger for those. They did have a lot of Energizer rechargeable batteries and chargers, but I didn't really want to get into a whole new system. So I waffled. We finally ended up going into the kids book section and getting three books for Jet and myself. We read him three books every night that sometimes it is good to get new blood into the system.

Then we ended up at Silly Scissors, and Jet got his haircut with the yellow highlighting. I got my hair washed and cut, and on a whim, I asked the hairdresser to braid my hair into a French braid. She pulled my hair tighter than I thought it could be pulled, but the results were very smooth and Laura Croft like, especially with the Oakley red-camo sunglasses.

Too bad I was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt.

From there we hit a series of shops, the Post Office, and finally ended up heading towards the big McDonald's, but when I said I wasn't going to eat their food Jet decided that he wanted to eat a my favorite place, instead. So we went to Good Times, and had chicken and fries with fresh lemonade. That was very good. I then asked him if he wanted to go to the McDonald's play area, the mall play area, or the park. He decided on the mall, but when we got there, he said that we were at the wrong mall. So, instead, we went home. He rode his bike around, in front of the house while I read. He then asked me to go to the pool to see if it was open. So I walked while he rode, and when we got to the corner across the street from the pool Jet was content with being able to see that there was no one in the pool.

Then Jet decided to some sunbathing. His definition of sunbathing is "sitting in the sun with a bowl full of ice cream", with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. I liked his definition. So we indulged in a little sunbathing on the driveway. With the requisite bowls of ice cream.

When John came home, he asked if we wanted to go to a movie. Ice Age 2 came out on Friday. We also had to find dinner, so went to Sakura's for dinner. We had some really good sushi, and Jet ate four rice balls with Japanese sprinkles. We got to the mall 30 minutes before the movie, to find out that it was completely sold out. So we wandered the mall and ended up in an area we hadn't been before. There, we found something called Jungle Golf, which was done entirely under black light, with fluorescent lanes, holes, balls, barriers, and the requisite moving hazards. Jet had a blast. He still wants to go there today, and doesn't understand why we won't.

I walked 15,000 steps that day. I am still sore.

Today has been a little more relaxed. We had a doughnut breakfast, plenty of Saturday cartoons, and then went to see Ice Age 2 for the really cheap five dollar morning matinée in a theater with stadium seating. Then we went for noodle soup and a quick trip through the Asian market.

When we got home Jet and John went outside to feed the trees. I decided to install DragonDictate on my home machine and use it for journal updating. I haven't been doing much updating on the weekends because my hands needed to be away from the computer completely on my days off. This way I can keep up-to-date without making my hands anymore sore than they were already. It's working quite well, but it's taking longer than I thought.

I also did two updates to the knitting community, one about finding a loose thread on an old shawl, the other the socks. Here's a picture of the socks. :-)

Three Pairs of Kid Socks

The other thing I did was start the book, "The Knitting Goddess" and am struck bemused by the whole spiritual aspect of knitting. I know that I tapped into some of that when I was writing Kardia back in the old net days; but to be hit, full-fledged, by all the old myths of that type was astonishing. How much knitting means to me spiritually, I hadn't realized so completely before. Maybe it's not a coincidence that I'm picking my knitting up now, at this big life change juncture. Well, we'll see where this thread leads me...
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