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New Jet Skills

Jet has gained many skills in the past week. The Brezney's Free Will Astrology predicted verbal virtuosity within this week, Jet has been showing it off with a loquaciousness we have not heard to this point.

The most fun application of this new skill has been singing made up songs with John and I while the three of us drove somewhere this weekend. Jet is actually rhyming and filling in phrases whenever John pauses in his songs. I was vastly entertained. Who needs DVD players in their car?

In the middle of last week get decided he had to see Schoolhouse Rock. We had lent our DVD to someone else, and John went on a special trip just to retrieve it. It was worth it. Jet sought every episode of Grammar Rock and then went through every single session of Multiplication Rock as well, even though he hasn't been doing multiplication yet, not in any form. He watched most of it on my lap, and we talked about multiplication and what it meant. The truly amazing thing was that before this Jet wasn't able to count past 12. For some reason after about 15 he would start mixing up all the numbers. It was obvious that he wasn't getting the idea that the last digit was just like the first 10, in order.

Since then, he has been counting 20 and above with no trouble at all. He was rattling off every number between 30 and 50, in order, with no trouble at all. He really connected on the concept.

Another big thing has been moving too rewarding Jet with stamps when he does something "special". It's no longer a routine thing for staying dry all day. So Jet has become very creative about ways to earn stamps and to do something special, which usually translates into helping John or I with something, be it cooking, washing dishes, raking dead grass out of the lawn, collecting up debris into a basket and going up a laddar to dump it into the garbage can. It's been great. And he volunteers now to do thing! I'd love to keep doing this for a while.
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