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Plant Madness

I'm buried in plants this week. All my tomato seedlings are a good foot tall, now, and yesterday, I brought in all the cherry tomato plants I didn't want and people came by my cube, gave me a quarter a piece (I guess I could have charged a dollar each and no one would have cared, really), and took my babies home. I have a picture of my make-shift "greenhouse" in my camera... I have to get it out sometime.

I have two more trays of plants, and several folks asked for some of the other varieties as well, as I have both Green Zebras (heirlooms) and First Lady II (about as hybrid as you can get for FAST, early production and growth as well as small, thin-skinned, sweet fruit).

Jet and I also made the trek to Home Depot on Sunday, and we came out with not just the plant food John wanted for the trees, but also two raspberry plants ("Fingerberries!" shouted Jet when he saw the picture on the side of the box. "Mom! Mom! Does this mean I can pick my OWN berries off the plant?" "Yes, Jet." and, unsaid *Anything that'll get you to eat fruits and veggies without a fuss, I'll do.*. This is the same logic that drove buying a packet of zucchini seeds with Larry the Cucumber on it) and a cactus.

The funny thing is our local paper, had "cactus" instead of "African violet" in the Freewill Astrology for this week, but thinking about it, most larger cactus are just uprooted from where they grew and, therefore, are more ecologically unsound than hothouse raised African violets. I think Jet remembered John reading the Libra reading to me, so he said I HAD to get a cactus.

We ended up with a little cactus with a bright pink, round graft of a chlorophyll-lacking cactus on it. The bright pink one already had itty bitty chicks all over the top of it, and they look like a few of them are about to fall off already. Sad thing is that being genetically without chlorophyll, those chicks will need some other green stump to be attached to. But Jet liked the pink, and he wasn't worried, yet, about long-term consequences, and it looks very pretty in Jet's playroom windowsill, where it soaks up the afternoon sun quite happily.
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