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Friday was fun. Jet and I mostly watched cartoons, and did stuff around the house. Spring has sprung and it's crazy warm. We had dinner at Ichi Ban's, and it was good.

Then we indulged in Jet's new craze: Blacklight Golf, a.k.a. Jungle Golf. It's just a mini-golf course with a few obstacles all painted in florescent paint, and with florescent painted golf balls and putters. Jet loves it. And he's actually quite competitive when he gets three shots to every two of John's and mine. He cheers wildly at anyone getting their ball in the hole, and he plays all 18 holes unflaggingly, running from green to green. It's a little hard on my eyes, but Jet had so much fun, it was great.

On the way home, he was playing with the chopsticks he'd gotten from Ichi Ban. He dropped one and he said, very, very cheerfully, "Whine whine! I dropped my stick!" and giggled. I died laughing. I have no idea where he got that from, but I loved it.

Saturday was errand day. John also noted that my cherry tomato plants might be too big for the Topsy Turvy planter I had. I peered at it and he was close to right. The pots containing the plants would never fit through the hole. So I had to unpot them, squish them, and John held the container and the plants when they got through until we could get the foam plug in. But we did it, and the poor things looked so sad and confused. I filled it with potting soil and we watered it all down. It hung dispiritedly outside while it dripped.

By Sunday, though, the plants were much happier and with all the food, soil, and water they had not only perked right up but all the foliage turned up towards the light! Cool!

I took Sunday morning off, had breakfast, and shopped at Target and was tired. When I got home, the boys got home soon after. We had lunch, did a bit of video game, and then decided to go ride our bikes to the grocery store.

On the way there, Jet was going pretty slowly on his bitty bike, so I passed him up. Jet yelled at me to not be in the lead. So I turned around to get back behind and nearly ran into another bicyclist, who was passing us on the left, but had made no sound to that effect. I swerved out of his way and went down on the rather rough blacktop. *sigh*. Jet came over immediately to peer as the bicyclist came back to see if I was okay. I skinned my left knee pretty badly, and scraped some toes on that side. Nothing broken. I was very glad I was wearing my gloves or my hands would have been pretty chewed up too.

The most amusing thing about the whole thing was when Jet said to the other bicyclist, "I fall down like that all the time..."

We limped the rest of the way to the grocery store, Jet anxiously checking on me every hundred feet, craning his head all the way around to see me, and he'd swerve wildly every time he did that or slow down so much John and I would nearly run into him again. But he was pretty concerned about me. In one neighborhood, John got ahead, and Jet raced after him crying, "Daddy! Daddy! You have to slow down for Mommy to catch up!"

When we got there, Jet went with me into the lady's bathroom to supervise my cleaning off my wounds, and a worker there offered me their First Aid kit as I had some pretty good, bloody gashes. I honestly didn't want to bother with all that, so I said thank you, but I think I'll be okay. And Jet told her how he falls off all the time, but he doesn't get big owies like Mommy's, and that he was there to help me. She blinked at him, a little, but then patted him on the head and he grinned.

We shopped, we got home, and Jet sat with me in the bathroom while I dressed my injuries, and he ran around doing exactly everything I asked of him, which was very nice. I then iced everything down and sat down to knit a bit while the boys set up Easter egg making stuff. Then the three of us hit Outback because I was craving a steak, and we had a great dinner. Jet now eats grilled cheese, but when he took a bite of the restaurant grilled cheese he put it gently down and ate the dark bread, instead. He didn't like the restaurant cheese. Neither of us blamed him, at all. :-)

Once home again, we all dyed eggs with the vinegar and dye kit we all know so well and love. They had cool shrink sleeves for some nice patterns that hug the egg pretty closely. They turned out very nice and bright. Jet enjoyed it a lot.

He's been a very cheerful boy all weekend, helpful and fun, and he hasn't gone all weepy and argumentative too much.

The sun/weeping moon sweater is going nicely. I had a really hard time of it Friday night, at the joining of the waistband to the rest of the sweater, as the instructions and the shown garment don't match, and I don't know if she measured the shown garment or the instruction garment for the final measurement of the sweater itself. I guess I could have done the math, but I also don't care about one or two inches, either way, on the body length. So I made some decisions that were hard to carry through with Jet trying to jump on me. So I got abrupt with him and he cried and I was sad. *sigh*

But I got past the hard part and I'm now happily knitting away at the design itself. It's easy to now limit myself to "three rows" or "five rows" as I can see the progress in dots up the copies of the charts. It looks very nice, but it's an awfully warm sweater, now that it's turned to spring. I am also kind of craving a quick shrug for Easter, so I am not too cold, but I probably need a nice dress to go with it, and maybe I should just go get one this evening. We'll see.

Yeah. I hurt. My shoulders, neck, arms, and hands did take something of an impact along with my knees, hips, and lower back are all telling me that Something Happened. But a bit of ibuprofen last night helped, and I slept very well but for Jet getting up at 5:30 and asking someone to sleep with him when he couldn't sleep. We finally woke Dad up at 6:30 so that he and Jet could make cinnamon rolls, and they baked while I slept and made my slow, creaking way to work.
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