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... Jet will now ride his bike in front of the house, but he now says that "my bike is too slow" for longer trips. *sigh* I was afraid that he'd heard me when I was complaining about how hard it is to ride behind him when he is so slow (given that the bike is tiny, straight 1:1 gear ratio, it pretty much can't be fast). I do regret what I said.

Not sure how to fix it.

I've been pretty sore from the fall since, and hobbling around work and getting short-tempered, which, with me, involves actually disagreeing with people when I disagree, rather than just holding on to it and regretting not saying things. Which is funny. My boss complimented me on disagreeing with him when I had some very valid arguments against what he was proposing.

I'm so glad of that. I need that kind of support in my path from passive-aggressive to being assertive. I just have to figure out a way to do it without being injured, first. Hee.

Another good thing today was that the lady that's now reporting to me said she was very, very happy to be working for me. Egoboo! Yay!
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