Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet to the Rescue!

Just now, Jet HAD to call me at work from home to tell me that he saw some dirty water coming along the ground. This was when they were cycling all the sprinklers to test them and wet down some lawn fertilizer. Turns out that Jet found a pretty good-sized leak in the sprinkler system, so their afternoon project is to fix it.

The icon is my upside-down tomato plant. It's actually happier, now, with all the leaves turned up and the plants are getting pretty strong against the winds here. Flowers are starting to bud, already, and it's still a month, yet, until it's really safe to plant them outside.

Today's 80 and sunny. Tomorrow is supposed to start with rain and snow, mixed. What amazing weather. So all the plants are sunbathing outside (without the ice cream that Jet requires for the same activity) today, but still mobile enough to go inside for the snow/rain/hail mix tomorrow.
Tags: gardening, jet, jetticisms

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