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Egg Rolls and Other Distractions

I didn't get home, yesterday, until 5:30. This is, now, unusual for me. Yeah, yeah, I've had my share of bad dinners at work, thank you, but... ahem...

I had to ride the exercise bike just to make my brain STOP, and then I made egg rolls. Mei Hamilton had this great idea of just rolling the made rolls in vegetable oil and then baking them instead of deep frying them. She'd filled hers with a Vietnamese style filling. I filled mine with garlic chives, resuscitated shitakes, glass noodles, mung bean sprouts I'd grown myself, carrots, cabbage, seasoned pork, garlic, ginger, and plenty of soy and wine and bits of corn starch. All the innards had to be stir-fried and cooked through before I mixed 'em together with sesame oil and soy and a bit of white wine. John and I rolled 'em, oiled them gently, and we baked 'em at 350 for about 20 minutes.

By then it was already 8. Yeah, it took me a while.

The boys had played at the neighbor's house for a long while, went to Home Depot to get something necessary for the sprinklers, and other stuff.

We ate. The egg rolls were great with fish sauce. I'd turned 'em once during baking and they came out crispy and HOT enough to burn mouths, but very, very tasty. Yum. Jet had a whole package of raw ramen and ate the whole thing. I took him to bed soon after we'd eaten as well.

Jet fell asleep instantly.

John went to bed half an hour later. I said, "One more row..." and then found that I liked watching "The Secret Life Of..." cereal and waffles and then Alton Brown was his engaging self with a cake episode and I peered at the clock and thought, "Oh, 10:40, I should go to bed..." and then I looked closer, "Oh... 12:40am. Grr. But... hey... look at the sweater, it now kinda looks like a sweater!" I can see the chin of the Sun, now, and I'm getting to the mouth of the crying Moon, and the brocade look of the swirls in the two-color knitting are very, very nice.

Deadlines at work are now drop-dead-lines. I'm distracting myself any way I can, and being completely exhausted when I lay down was actually useful last night.
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